Red Lips and Real Life

It was late, again
And although she only had
7 miles to go
She knew herself well enough
To know those were the most dangerous miles of all

So she poured a cup of coffee
Black as it could be
Threw her pink bag into the backseat
Switched on Spotify
To find some kick-ass songs
To get her all the way home

She knew it was crazy
But she did it anyway
Rubbed a little red lipstick on
Just to drive home alone

Those were the kind of things
That made all the difference
In a world gone half crazy

Times were tough
But she was tougher
Days were long
But she wouldn’t give up

This was real life
And she was going to fight

Fight to keep doors open
Fight to do what she loves
Fight to keep on providing
All the things she’s known for

Like red lipstick and good tequila
Presents for no particular reason
Cowboy boots and silky lace
Burgers and drinks

All those things that cost money
That she used to do without second guessing

Wondering if people will keep on coming
Finding the place

On the ragged edge
Between what others believe
What they know
What makes sense and what don’t

She had no way of knowing
But this was her way of living

Red lipstick and coffee
Real loud music
Driving down the backroads

Real life living

👣❤️☕ Jeanna’ Mead

7 28 a.m. Dec 9 2020

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