Shit Show!

Yesterday I was blissfully unaware of the shit show that was happening until a friend sent me a text asking if I had been watching the “shit show” that was happening.

I asked him to tell me what it was about… In just a few sentences he summarized everything.

I replied with this text.

“I’m afraid to check the news.

All I can think is…

Character is determined by how you act when you win and when you lose….. No matter what it is .. a ball game, an election, a chess match, a divorce, a presidency, a relationship..
Character and respect….
What a sad day for America”

I was busy doing what matters to me… I had worked out, I read a few pages, I ran into the store to get supplies, then I massaged some amazing clients, placed a order of products, and finally, my daughter swung by, picked me up and we delivered a birthday gift to a precious friend.
These are the things that I focused on and so getting that text reminded me that there is chaos going on that I have no control over.

So this is what I am going to do today…. Just like every day… I’m going to workout.. read a few pages, do the things that make my soul dance within my body and I’m going to pray for this country that I live in… America needs to grow up and show some grace and common sense and love .

Make something wonderful happen… Please 
#myownwords #writingmyheartout #jeannasoul #damnstraight

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