Because We Can-Turning Ugly Into Beauty.

When the Spirit moves in ways that are so clear and yet mysterious, all I can do is open my heart and my arms even more.

I know in my bones that this is something that I was created to do… and I’m asking for guidance in how to make it the best ..

So here I am, sitting outside, wrapped in a blanket, listening to country music and the cars that race by and I can almost hear my Mema’s voice say,

“Don’t you ever give up and don’t you ever go around acting ugly.”

There’s enough people out there in this world acting very ugly, dangerously ugly, hurtful, and vengefully ugly.

I wish I could say some magic words like ‘”abracadabra” and all the ugliness would vanish.

I can’t do that… but I can do something else.

Son here’s my idea-which is fast turning into a plan- what if the clothes we wear, the jewelry we select, the purse we sling across our shoulders made life a little bit more beautiful for someone else?

What if that tank top helped a mom get out of an abusive situation?

What if that painting paid the single moms electric bill?

What if that purse was handmade by a 14 year girl ?

What if that headband made it possible for a young girl to stand up against the cruel words that others screamed at her?

What if everytime you put on that floral duster, you smiled because you knew it helped a woman find hope and freedom?

Instead of Amazon, TJMaxx, Target and Ross, which will never notice if you stop buying from them…. what about buying from a woman that will know your name, your favorite colors and your styles?

Would you turn ashes into beauty, would you kick ugly to the curb?

Would you want to make a difference?

Let’s rock and roll, and do this!

Because we damn sure can!

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