Vintage Savage

Maybe she’s not quite

As beautiful as she was once

Maybe she doesn’t turn heads
Like she did before

Maybe some things have changed
And that’s okay

She is a little bit vintage now
A little bit savage

There’s a few scars that won’t go away

Some tell-tale signs of age

And she doesn’t give a Damm
Doesn’t hide in shame

She pulls on cut off shorts
Slides her feet into 3 inch high wedges
Adds bangles to her arms

Walks right out the door

She finally knows who the hell she is

and what the hell she ain’t

She’s not waiting around for anyone else

To say she looks okay

That she’s good enough this way

That’s one thing she’s learned

As she’s come of age

To love the skin she’s in

Give her own self some grace

And if anyone wants to say a good thing

She’ll listen to what they say

But if all they can do is criticize

She’ll just turn the deaf side

Walk right on by

She’s a little bit vintage
and it’s about time

Jeanna’ Mead
6.8.21 11 35a.m


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