Fear Eats The Soul

I saw the fear in their eyes
As if they thought they would die

Standing far apart
6 feet or more
Wearing masks and latex gloves

As cautious as they could possibly be

And all I can imagine
All I can think

Is how fear has eaten their soul

Trapped them in their home

Made them into someone they hardly even know

I wonder if they recognize their reflection in the mirror
Or in the eyes of others

In an attempt to prolong their life
They stop doing the things
That make life worth living

They have virtual conversations
Online debates
Send gifts through Amazon

They don’t touch
Don’t kiss
Don’t go out for meals with friends

They say “no”and wish they said “yes!”

Fear eats their soul
Fear controls

I wonder how they explain
What do they say

” I’m staying far away . Just in case”

“Get the vaccine, then we will see “

Oh, hell, no
I’m not going to follow along

Let fear eat my soul

I won’t be like all the others
A follower of mass hysteria
I don’t live my life afraid

Fear won’t have any part of my soul

It’s such a shame

I miss those days
Before fear came along
And changed so many things

👣💙 Jeanna’ Mead
Monday morning
June 21 2021. 7 07


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