Dangerous Woman

She’s been called many things

For many reasons

Making a stand for what she believes

Seems to make her a dangerous woman

Isn’t that a crying shame?

She isn’t afraid to walk the line

Make her own path

Stand out from the crowd

Speak her mind

Dance to her own beat

She’s kicked the assumptions to the curb

Let go of all expectations

Figured out who to trust and who to watch

She sees the danger

That others don’t

Believes in living her life unlike most

She’s a dangerous woman

Because she doesn’t fall in line

Doesn’t obey rules and regulations that are man-made

She’s dangerous because she speaks her mind

Because she doesn’t simply comply

She’s strong enough to know she who she is

and danger is her friend

Jeanna’ Mead

7 22 a m. July 19,2021

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