Great Date

I went on an amazing date last night with a perfect gentleman in Rockwall.
He held my door open, offered his hand and walked me inside… when the waiter at The Roundabout – Rockwall, Texas showed us our table, he pulled out my chair and had me sit first.

He was a great conversationalist and asked me all kinds of questions and genuinely listened to what I said

He made a special effort to look nice and didn’t just wear shorts and flip flops to dinner, because going out to dinner has always been a little bit special.
He made me feel absolutely beautiful and was proud to be seen with me.
I was treated like a lady all evening by him and he even asked if we can go out on another date real soon!
I think I’m going to see if he’ll like to go dancing with me tonight at San Jacinto Music Series – The SEAM and I have a feeling he will!

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