August 3 -start the journey

I’m finding out just how blessed I am to have the small circle of friends I do and how blessed my daughter, Kateley Lyons and son in law, Geoffrey Lyons are to be part of this community in Rockwall.
While my Soldier Boy is in the hospital and I can’t help like I want, friends have organized a meal train for Kateley and my bundles.
My 925 partner, Cari Foote , drove all the way to my house with vitamins, tynenol and the fruit that I craved.
I’ve been lifted up in prayer by friends and clients, sent songs to make me smile and when I felt discouraged, I remembered who I am and what matters to me!
I’ve got an amazing team of therapists with me, and I’m pulling on my boots…
Covid is a force to be reckoned with but let me tell you about my Jesus!

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