First Steps

Only a handful of people know about my journey with Covid.
I just want to say this .. I don’t “deserve” this and this isn’t “what I’ve been asking for” and I’m not here to have anyone say “I told you so’ .
This has been tough but you know what I’ve found òut? I’ve found out that I’ve worked so hard so much but when I couldn’t work, my team came through for me in ways that j couldn’t have expected.
I’ve found peace during the storm, comfort from people that I didn’t expect as well as silence from ones I expected to hear from.
I’ve fought hard to get my body where I wanted it to be and, those that really know me, know this isn’t what I expected from my body but this means I have to slow down and listen to my body and to my soul in ways that I am haven’t done in a long time.
I’ve pushed myself.. but I’ve also pushed away others.. I’ve pushed God to the back burner because I’ve been hurt by people….
Well, this Covid journey has bought me back to God in ways that I can’t quite explain .. I have never been much of a ‘worrier” and I’ve just let go and let God take the wheel and I’ve been at peace ..
I really have… There’s been pain.. sleepless nights… Many falls… But I just keep getting back up and stepping out .. pulling on my boots, so to speak.

I wouldn’t wish Covid on my worst enemy… and come to think of it.. I don’t think I really have any ‘enemies” although I’m pretty sure that there’s people that couldn’t care one way or another if I’m still around… But you know what?
This Covid journey has shown me how blessed I am…. Before my husband, Greg Mead , could come home to me for a week.,. my daughter, Kateley Lyons , took care of me.. my sons, Gregory Mead and Hunter Mead had to pick me up and carry me from the bed, to the kitchen and to the bathroom
I’ve felt the love and prayers from so many people…
I didn’t “deserve” Covid .. but yes. I did dance at the music on the square… I did love on my bundles and my girls.. I did go out to dinner and lunch and breakfast…. I did go to work and massage my clients… I did go to Legends Fit and workout with my trainer. Phu Lam ..

I lived and I loved., And I don’t regret any of that.. because I made memories

Beautiful, sacred. Wonderful memories… And I’m still making them.
I’m making time to heal my body, nourish my soul and this journey with Covid has taught me some powerful, profound lessons that I know I needed to be learn
So maybe I didn’t “deserve” this.. but I’m determined to find the good in all things and to make the best of the situation I’m in
I’ll be back at Rockwall Body and Soul Massage as soon as I can walk up all those stairs
Thank you so much for your prayers..
I will always remember the prayers that soothed my soul while I was on this journey.

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