New Mercies

Morning by morning, new mercies I see

This is an old gospel song that my Mema used to try to teach me-the deaf one- to carry the tune to. I can’t carry the tune, but I do know every word.. and it feels so good to listen and sing along…

New mercies, indeed, last night I walked across my bathroom and into my closet-42 steps-slowly, purposefully, and not gracefully but I did and this morning, I did it again, walking to the sink to the closet.. slowly, gratefully, mindful.

Step by step… Then I come to bed again to drink my coffee and do my quiet time and the first verse I read is this one from Luke… “You must be merciful, just as Your Father in Heaven is merciful” and I had to find the song that immediately came to mind…. Great is Thy Faithfulness… and share my thoughts and my gratitude.

Mercy-compassion has been shown to me in such incredible ways . My old friend, Susan Gamez Balderas , has been giving me magnetic massage therapy sessions that I believe have helped me get back to walking, my trainer, Phu Lam , has modified sessions and given me confidence reach day…. He’s so compassionate and patient with me and every session with him makes me stronger..

Mercy and compassion …
My daughter, Kateley Lyons , didn’t tell me this but Susan did… During my hardest days when I was so weak and sick, she put her arms around me and walked me outside to get treatment. She showed great love… When I asked her about it, she said ,”Momma, l learned from Mema and Meme and you!”

That’s what we do .. We show mercy and compassion and love because our Father does and because of all the people that are watching us.

May we be examples..
Great is Thy Faithfulness… New mercies I see!

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