Not My Words .(but my thoughts)

I’m not a nurse but I’m friends with many. just as I’m friends with several doctors… This is very well written.

I remember being taught in nursing school the rights of medication administration – 1.Right patient, 2. right medication, 3. right dose, 4. right route, 5. right time, 6. right documentation, 7. right situation 8. Right place and 9. RIGHT TO REFUSE.

I also remember my nursing instructor stressing how important number 9 is and that we as nurses have a duty to ensure that the right to refuse any medical care or medication is honored and upheld. To advocate for our patients and protect them. Protect them from what you may ask? To protect them from other medical professionals and “people” who think they can bully, manipulate, control and dominate any patient to force a medication, procedure or any type of medical care.

And wouldn’t you know that this RIGHT to refuse has been what I have had to defend more than anything? As an RN of more than a decade, I will forever support the right to choose and also the right to REFUSE any form of medical care. I can’t believe anyone feels that mandates of any form of medicine or medical practice or procedure is acceptable. Even more shocked that some nurses and NURSE LEADERS feel this is acceptable after a career of fighting for, defending and advocating for our patients rights.

Forced healthcare is NOT healthcare and I stand for the freedom this country was founded on. I have stood for my patients right to choose. And now that nurses and other healthcare workers rights are being threatened, I stand for their right to choose as well. COERCION is not CONSENT.
*For anyone thinking medical mandates are because the government(and their programs) care for you and your health and safety, you should definitely brush up on history and how the Nazis exterminated over 6million Jews #yesitisthesamething #medicalfreedom #stopthemandate #holdtheline #foreveranadvocate #ProtectYourChildren

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