Messy Self

I’m sharing this here… Convicted by a book I’m reading, Mary Katherine Backstrom book Holy Hot Mess which I discovered because of Amy Weatherly .

This picture was taken in my son’s truck.. as he was driving me to see the doctor again during my Covid journey.

What you don’t see is the knee brace on my left leg.
. Or the walker in my back of the truck… You don’t see the frustrating moments as I tried to balance and fix my hair, brush my teeth, do my makeup…
I look at this and think “I really need to get my brows done’ and I realize it’s too hard to walk into any place and get them done right now. That will just have to wait.

When I really look at this picture though, really look at it… I see my son rearranging his work schedule to take me to the doctor..
I feel his strong hand supporting my back while he helps me get from the house down the sidewalk.
I see the eyes of a woman that knows she’s loved despite the mess she’s in right now.
I am only showing y’all a glimpse but I know what isn’t being seen and I know what the camera doesn’t catch.
It’s a holy hot mess and it’s the truth. #writingmyheartout #holyhotmess #damnstraight #Covidjourney

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