Well, some people have outright told me that I probably wouldn’t be in this shape if I had done differently… Several others have told me that I may never fully recover..

That just goes to show me that they don’t know me very well at all.

“Hardheaded”was what my parents called me way back then, and right about now, I’m really glad I am so hard-headed.

Hard-headed keeps me going at a business that requires up close connection during a time when it hasn’t been easy.
Hard-headed keeps me pushing through the pain to get back to walking and dancing with grace.
Hard-headed takes all the negative and turns out positive.
Hard-headed looks at a schedule and sees ‘half full” instead of ” half empty” and hustles to make it all full.
Hard-headed means standing up for what I believe even if I’m standing outside the circle.
Hard-headed means I don’t give up and don’t give in.. no matter how hard it gets.
Hard-headed means I pull back from anyone that doesn’t believe in me and hold on to those that do
Hard-headed means I’m gonna work through this time… and be better than ever.

Keep trying to find out what’s wrong with me… I’m so hard-headed that I’m gonna focus on what’s RIGHT with me and what I can do about it!

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