A few days ago someone asked me why I kept posting things on Facebook about my Covid journey and what I thought about the vaccinations and everything.
She said, ‘You seem obsessed with proving you’re right and you’re not going to change anyone’s mind. “

She’s got a valid point .

I’m obsessed with my health and the health of others. I believe in sharing information because that’s how I have learned and grown in understanding and knowledge.
I know full well that I may not change anyone’s stance but I also know that I just might shine some light and make others investigate my reasons for choosing the path I have .

After all, this platform-Facebook- changed my life because of what others shared

Almost ten years ago, a friend of Keith Brown posted a quote by Paulo Coelho and I grabbed ahold of those words and went to Half Price Books and purchased my first book by him.
The Alchemist was the book that gave me to courage to make the leap and follow my heart and dream and open my own massage studio, Rockwall Body and Soul Massage .

Sharing information changed my life, not only my mind.

Just a few days ago, Pat Davis Pearson asked a question about meal preparation and one of her friends commented about a supplement that helps her own hypoglycemia.
I immediately ordered the product because I’ve wrestled with this for years-getting migraines and dizzy spells when I forget to eat, or get too busy to eat right.
It’s too soon to tell if this works for me but I’m grateful that she shared the information.

Joshua Hamilton Lohnes has shared his love for music with me so much that he’s even created playlists for my studio .
We have very different opinions about the vaccination but he’s never belittled me or shown me anything but love and respect and music!

Ruthie Needs Coffee posted a few links about her research and I followed those links to find the information I needed about vitamins and supplements for my inflammation… then she posted about learning web design and a load was taken off my shoulders when I hired her to redo and manage my website.

Through the years, others like Alyse Faith , Jennifer Killgo , Rebecca Joann Brumfield , and Shelley McMeans Glasson have shared posts about information that have changed my thinking and my life.

It might seem like a small thing -just a quote from a book, a vitamin, a workout plan but it might just be the catalyst that changes a life .
I know that my )ife is changed because someone shared information and thoughts here and maybe, just maybe I can give someone else the courage and strength to follow their own dreams.

I’m not obsessed with proving I’m right.. I’m obsessed with living my best life and loving the best I can.

And maybe, just maybe somebody will read something I’ve shared and it will change their mind and their life.

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