Turquoise Doors

This weekend I did what made my soul happy, with the help of Greg and my sons…we dug up grass so that I could create a bigger flower bed, and plant an entire row of wildflower seeds.

The doors are now my favorite colour- a beautiful,inviting turquoise and the patio beckons you to sit and ponder, read and write, talk and share bits and pieces of your life.

I did this all because I believe something profound….”It is mine until it is not.”

I wrote about this in my blog post, Flowers and Faith, https://jeannasoul.com/2018/03/05/flowers-and-faith/ and it’s a truth that just keeps coming up in so many ways.

We must cherish and love what we have and who we have while we do…relationships change, things break, businesses relocate, winter comes and flowers die but… while they are ours,until they are not…and during the time that we have the person,the time,the place, the treasures and flowers…we really should make the absolute most of it. 

“What do you want to be known for?” is on the chalkboard sign as you walk up to Rockwall Body and Soul Massage and I want you to think about it….do you want to be known for compassion,for generosity, for creativity, for doing your best and being present in the moments……are you known for love, for planting seeds of encouragement, for seeking the goodness in others, for filing up the cups and sharing what you have?

Just think about it… and let me know …. what do you know about me..what do you know about yourself?

I know what I want to be known for….besides my turquoise doors and cowboy boots!😘

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