Jesus, Buddha, and Paulo

If what she imagines

Really could come true

If what she feels

Really attracts

If what she thinks

Could happen

And her prayers be answered

If all her dreams

Wild fantasies

Hopes and desires could all begin to fall into place

Oh, goodness gracious

What it would be like

Could she take the words of Jesus, a little bit of Buddha, mix it up with Paulo and see what happens

It’s always been that way

She lives on the ragged edge

Bits and pieces of many things

Shape her thoughts

Build her faith

She’s a lover and a believer

In kindred spirits

Red threads

Stars aligning

Doors opening

All because of a little bit of Jesus, Buddha and Paulo

Nothing is cut and dried

Black and white

Straight and narrow

There’s underlined verses, highlighted words, stars and hearts in the margins of a bible, a bunch of books and leather journal

She takes it all in

Just the way it feels

Figures that if it’s meant it be

Then it surely will

So if she believes it

Dreams of it

Puts out her hands

To manifest and grab hold of it

She’ll pray about it

Seek out wisdom

Take a walk and mediate

Then she’ll do the best she can

Just like

Jesus, Buddha and Paulo

Tell her to

👣💗Jeanna’ Mead

7 53 a.m 3-24-19


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