Last Words

This here… Tears are rolling down my face …
I have so many text messages that I’ve saved over the years because the words are balm to my soul, and inspire and encourage me and when I started my business, these messages helped me so much.
During the “dark days” of my marriage, I saved some messages to remind me of what mattered the most to me.
I also have several texts that are heartbreaking and I keep those to pray over and try to find peace in them.
The texts and the words we say and write and listen to make deep and lasting impressions.

Just like the words we don’t say… Silence is an answer, too, and sometimes it’s just so loud.

Yesterday, I recieved a text that I immediately saved… The words boosted my spirits and strengthen my resolve and belief in myself.. And I really needed that.

The last words of Jesus.. How profound.. How beautiful … How hopeful…

Some of the last words from my Mema, my Daddy and my mom still hold me up in much the way Jesus’s words do .

There’s a song that goes like this..”let my words be few….”
May the last words I speak be those of love, may the last texts I send be encouraging and inspiring and full of love and kindness. My hope is that when anyone scrolls messages recieved from me, or seen on Facebook, or Instagram, that they see a woman that loves deeply and screws up quite a bit but tries hard to be the woman she was created to be and gives God the glory.

Let the words of Jesus be a balm to your soul today and always. ☕ Below are the written words of another that inspired my own writing and the pictures that pierced my heart.

Jesus hung on the cross for six hours. He was crucified at 9am on Friday and died at 3pm. As He hung, He spoke seven times. Victims of crucifixion were often rendered mute due to the suffocation, so it was with great agony He would say anything to us at all. The most precious words made of red letters. Gold from Golgotha.

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