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Sleepless Nights

Here’s another one

Sleepless nights

She can’t get warm

She’s feeling cold

In piles of blankets

Covered head to toe

Wearing black lace and a white tank

Mango oil on worn out legs

She should be sleeping

But she isn’t

Those that know her

Understand she’s fighting

Demons from the past

With all the strength she has

She dreams of a fight she lost long ago

But this time

She whispers

Though no one can hear

“I will win”

“I will win”

“I will win”

Until finally

In her dream

She stands

Wide awake

Covered with everything

But shame

And she knows

She did whatever it took

So she could win

Jeanna’ Mead

7 35 a.m. 4.30.20








Shelter Lessons

Shelter in Place has taught me some profound lessons.

I tend to learn things the hard way.. but I once do, I learn them well.

It is what it is and it becomes what we make of it.

I am surprised by a handful of things, shocked by a few, overwhelmed by one or two but it’s just part of it.

There’s a Paulo Coelho quote that has always inspired me…. I hope it inspires others as much as it does me.

One lesson I learned was that my body is only mine… I’ve had trainers and spent time and money learning from them and following the plans they have created for me.

But in the end of the day. It was my choice about what I did and what I ate.

My body reflects those choices.

I’ve been training myself the past month.. making mistakes and making strides. It’s my body. It’ll be my body after Shelter.

I’ve learned that things aren’t what they seem and that there are strangers that you didn’t expect.

I’ve learned to step away and let go and see what happens or doesn’t happen.

I’ve learned that I can not hold on to the past when the future is on the edge.

I’ve learned to forgive

I’ve learned to let go of what I had hoped for and accept what is.

I’ve learned not to regret anything … But to live with the lessons.

Life is short.

Make it beautiful.

#loveyourjourney #ShelterStrong2020 #writingmyheartout


Another Woman

Another woman

Wrote these words

But this woman

Felt them

Like a slap in the face

A punch in the stomach

She knew the pain

All too well

She wrote her own words

Imagined herself

Walking with the stars in the sky

On a beach late at night

Sharing deep thoughts

Not the shallow ones at all

that’s the way it was

For the another woman

Seems like

👣💙 Jeanna’ Mead

9 40 a.m. April 28 2020





There’s been a stranger in her bed

She had no idea

Thought she knew him well

After so many nights

But it all came tumbling down

Like a house of cards

She was shaken beyond words

Living a nightmare

That she couldn’t wake up from

She went over every conversation

Wondering how she missed the signs

Wondering when he crossed the line

How long it had been

Since he began to wear a mask

Hide behind a million excuses

She had no idea when he changed

Tried so hard to backtrack

To see what she might have missed

When did he become a stranger

A monster of a man

She shuddered to think of what must have gone thru his head

All those nights when he wouldn’t touch her

Made her wonder what was wrong

Doubt the way time had changed her

Placed the blame where it didn’t belong

She screamed and she collapsed

In such despair

That she had ever loved a stranger

The way she had

It was more than she ever imagined she could handle

But somehow she found out

That she was a helluva a woman

Stronger than the stranger

She would pack up and take off

Leave the past where it belonged

He was the stranger

She had no way to know

But she wasn’t about to pay the price

Any more

He had left his marks

Scars upon her soul

But that was the last time

The stranger would lay down beside her

Jeanna’ Mead

7 32 a.m. April 28,2020