Bright Pink Scarf

Week after week on Sunday mornings I show up Walk right through the door get another cup of coffee and take a seat down as close as I can be just like I'm supposed to do holding my head up high holding AVA tight None of the church ladies and certainly not the men have... Continue Reading →

Roses and Thorns

A person that plants thorns, must never expect to gather roses.           -Paulo Coelho I read this and sat outside on my patio, pondering the wisdom of these words as I looked at the garden filled with flowers and green plants,and tall trees that are losing their leaves. There's a chapter in... Continue Reading →

Trick And Treat

👣💗 Inspired by Paulo Coelho: "It is easy to be a hater. Go for the difficult task: be a lover." There's a trick she's still learning  the hard way But years ago, she wrote a simple prayer in a poem " Let my heart be broken torn into pieces bring me to my knees Let... Continue Reading →

Lyrics and Tears

I always ask my clients what music they would like to listen to during their sessions. Often they don't have any preference, so I'll play a Spotify soundtrack based on my previous week's choices. Since I can't hear the music unless it's really loud- much too loud for the relaxation of my clients- I rely... Continue Reading →

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