Bright Pink Scarf

Week after week on Sunday mornings I show up Walk right through the door get another cup of coffee and take a seat down as close as I can be just like I'm supposed to do holding my head up high holding AVA tight None of the church ladies and certainly not the men have... Continue Reading →

Body and Soul

"Our body is our soul's best friend."-Paulo Coelho. When I read these words, I immediately drew a heart in the margins next to the words and jotted down my thoughts.  There is such profound truth held in these simple words and just yesterday, a friend and I shared some thoughts about this. I had been... Continue Reading →

Red Rover

"Red Rover, Red Rover" She lays there half awake and half asleep long ago memories pushing thru the haze "Red Rover, Red Rover" She stared at the row of hands held tight looking for the weakest link to run to and break free much to the surprise  of those that doubted  her might and strength... Continue Reading →

Roses and Thorns

A person that plants thorns, must never expect to gather roses.           -Paulo Coelho I read this and sat outside on my patio, pondering the wisdom of these words as I looked at the garden filled with flowers and green plants,and tall trees that are losing their leaves. There's a chapter in... Continue Reading →

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