Look Closely and Listen

Look closely Right in front  There's so much To see Take the time Open your eyes Use your hands And your heart Dig beneath The surface There's so much more That meets the eye If only You'll pay attention Listen closely Lean forward There's words You've heard before And somehow forgotten  To listen to all... Continue Reading →


It came as a shock looking at the picture she had no idea  that she had let time cast such a shadow over the woman she once was it was enough of a shock to pull her out of the box of regrets and mishaps to begin all over again with fierce resolve and determination... Continue Reading →

Deaf and Blind

I'll just come right out and say it as clear as I can.   I'm deaf and blind. I was told, "Jeanna',don't be blinded." because I disagreed with several women in a post about knowing the heart of another person. Well, when well-meaning, holy rollers start quoting scripture and verse, claiming to know what the "real... Continue Reading →


One can not pour from an empty cup....today, I'm filling my cups..choosing to sit as close as I can to my beloved patio on this cool,wet day and to let me words pour out and my body relax while my soul is  refreshened...by the words and touch of others. I'm looking at this bright pink... Continue Reading →

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